WE INNOVATE                                                                                                       

We have been manufacturing in-house developed clincher polyester tires since 12 years.

The selection of polyester as material is not new to the industry. For Products made out of polyester perform well under enormous air pressure. It is on the same principal of better performance  under air pressure that polyester is preferred to nylon in air balloon industry too.

Polyester casing in many of the high end bicycle sports tire for better performance is based on the same principal as well.

 Advantage to daily commuter                                                                               

High TPI (Tread per inch) tires can be beneficial for commuters, but it is important not to get a specific tire for commuting solely on its TPI. When commuting one wants as tough a tire as possible for everyday use, that's were  polyester showing its edge over other casing materials.

Nylon verses Polyester

 FRL Tires Production Description                                                                           

The three basic parts to a FRL- INTERNATIONAL bicycle tire are, the carcass, the bead core and the rubber tire tread.

The carcass is a rubberized textile fabric, which is laid around the bead cores.The carcass is then coated with a rubber compound. The tire tread is applied andthe whole assembly is vulcanized.

The bead core of the tire determines its diameter and ensures a secure fit on the rim. Generally the bead core of a tire is made of steel wire. Also we have in house technology to produce folding tires, the steel wire is replaced with a hoop of Armid fiber. The advantage is that the tire can be folded and that, depending on the size, its weight can be reduced by 50 to 90 g. All FRL INTERNATIONAL carcasses are made of POLYESTER. The density of the carcass fabric is expressed in TPI (Threads per Inch).

The range of carcasses used for FRL INTERNATIONAL tires is 45.

Generally, tires with denser fabric are more resistant to punctures and roll better. The best compromise for low weight and resistance is around 50 to 67 EPI. Though the best commuter bicycle tire FRL INTERNATIONAL are made at 45 TPI, that gives better rolling resistance, means a fast tire & better comfort tire

The rubber compound of a tire is composed of several components:

Natural and synthetic rubber
Fillers, e.g. carbon black, chalk, silica
Softeners, e.g. oils and greases
Anti-ageing agents (aromatic amines)
Vulcanizing aids, e.g. sulphur
Vulcanization accelerator; e.g. zinc oxide
Pigments and dyes

Depending on the compound, the composition is roughly 40 60 % rubber, 15 30 % fillers, with the other components accounting for the rest. We use the best rubber compound (proven by tire testing laboratory reports) A rubber compound must satisfy various requirements that are to some extent contradictory: low rolling resistance, good slip resistance, low wear, longevity.