Quality Test Reports*

(* test conducted by WHEEL ENERGY, Norway)


What exactly is rolling resistance?                                                                          


Rolling resistance is the energy that is lost when the tire is rolling and the main reason for loss of energy is the constant deformation of the tire.


Our two types of tires went to test for rolling resistance at WHEEL ENERGY, Norway. The result is as under:



What is Tread puncture & Side wall cutting test?                                                    


A series of tests are performed on each tire separately in the tread surface area and sidewall area. Detailed data is provided including graph charts to show peak force when the tire casing or tread punctures through.



Bicycle tire Life test                                                                                                  

Since the first pneumatic bike tires came into use during the Victorian Era,Bicycle tires have been undergoing performance tests. In the modern era, leading manufacturers test tires for there life too, because for general consumer, life of tire, its puncture resistance (tread & sidewall cutting) and rolling resistance are prime.


Surface (2,5 mm bump) and diameter (200 mm)



 Measurement Format  

 0 km (2 ,69 mm)          



 500 km (1,90 mm)            



 1000 km (1,39 mm)          



 2340 km casing broken